Learning Journey – The Student Experience


  1. Defining individualized learning – 100% ownership of learning as students create, develop, and implement curricula that is purposeful; “this is your class, your project, your learning…”
  2. Personal exploration
    1. List of lists for identification of interests/passions
    2. Values – surveys, “roots of self” practice (family, culture, who am I?  in context)
      1. Flower Project – Self Exploration
    3. Strengths determination; challenges considerations 
      1. Strengths Finding Tests Article/Links
      2. Archetypes based on Carl Jung’s work
      3. Personality Tests
    4. Emerging Project Thinking Template
  3. Establish Coworking & Growth Mindsets 
  4. Critical Thinking as foundational practice
  5. Executive Function Considerations 
  6. Design Thinking & Project Development
  7. Formative Feedback Loop – personal, cohort, authentic audience such as professionals, online groups, etc.

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