Frequently Asked Questions

Can this program be done in any country and within any school system?

Absolutely. The curriculum, contents and skills learned are of universal importance and are applicable regardless of geographical context and school system. In all likelihood, they have probably not been covered in official school curricula, and act as an ideal complement to existing learning programs in schools.

Who are the facilitators?

The facilitators are teachers, school principals, experienced educators, all of whom are active in their respective educational setting in schools, and whose expertise and the ability to innovate render them as ideal leaders for the program.

Is my child safe?

The PLN learning hub contains both public and private sections. All student interactions are on password-protected sites, where every user has to login with their own personal credentials. The site is only accessible to registered students within the cohort, program leaders, and facilitators.

All of our facilitators are active in official educational settings, and, without exception, have worked with the program leaders for many years.

Administrative/login procedures are conducted directly with the families, thus ensuring that all parents can regulate access as they deem appropriate, also providing them with the possibility of viewing and accessing all interactions within the private site.

is there a fee for the program?

Yes. The program is entirely supported by fees paid by participant schools and families. We will be offering scholarships and financial support to families who require it. Please refer to the Pricing section for further information.

Does the program have official recognition?

No, we work with real-life experts, companies, and state-of-the-art methods that evolve continuously to incorporate the latest tools, findings, and, true to form, our curriculum and activities are in constant evolution. We don’t believe that official recognition would be important and do not want to be hindered or constrained by that factor.

Is this a one-time only program?

Students can do the experience as many times as they like. As mentioned, the program is in constant evolution, so there will be new content and interactions, but the main structure of the program focuses on the development of personalized skills and the creation of projects, all of which are unique in every cohort.

Normally, we would expect students to go through the program once and then focus on the development of their projects with their peers, but those who wish to repeat the experience are more than welcome to do so!

Are there any requisites for entering the program?

Not at all. Dear to our heart is the conviction that this program will help every student to develop to the fullest extent of their potential, and we work with each of the students in an individualized manner, so that no prior knowledge is required.

All assignments and interactions are open-ended and catered to diverse learning styles, again, as befits such a program, allowing students to express themselves and learn in a constructive and informative manner.

Will students be assessed?

Assessment is at the core of any learning process and we work individually with every student and theme to provide them with the information needed to improve their projects and maximize their learning experience. We do not provide numeric grades, or marks of any sort.