PBPL course for educators

A step by step protocol for Project Based Personalized Learning. 4 weeks, fully interactive, weekly Zoom meetings and asynchronous modules.

Online – Interactive – Case studies and practical examples – All grade levels

Susannah Johnson – Course Facilitator

Pursuing liberated learning for the individual by the individual, Susannah seeks an education revolution that includes the ultimate in student-centered learning through Individualized Realized, an education opportunity to take individualized learning out of theory and into the classrooms of the world, redefining what it means to be an educator.

The Personalized Learning Network

An Advanced Curriculum, Global Learning Community and Design Thinking experience for high school students all over the world.
A 5-step intensive program comprising online work and weekly videoconference online interactions for international students to explore their passions, learn about critical thinking, advanced thinking routines and collaborate in the development of global projects.

Personalized Learning

Higher Order Skills


Global Collaboration

Explore the PLN Project


An advanced curriculum including digital literacy, advanced IT applications, critical thinking and creativity.

Individualized Realized

A real life protocol to explore interests and passions.

Global Projects

Students designing collaborative projects with their peers from all over the world.

The Learning Journey

Examples of activities and assignments.


Detailed Q&A about our project.

The PLN Sequence

  • 5 weeks of prompts and interactions and 2h live videoconference.
  • Assignments and discussions, simulations.
  • Individualized Realized – exploration of interests and passions through a step-by-step protocol.
  • Exercises to develop creativity, critical thinking and higher order thinking skills and routines.
  • Advanced curriculum including advanced IT applications, critical decoding of media, fundamentals of statistics, ethical implications of technology.
  • Design and development of personal projects for each student.
  • Grouping with students from other countries based on areas of interests and team skills.
  • Design thinking and innovation process to create global team projects with a social impact.
  • Community feedback and project gallery.
  • Links with real world experts for project implementation.

A Unique Project

Entirely online – Private and secure hub for student interaction – 1:1 mentoring and facilitation for personalized learning – Real life applications
Creativity and innovation within a global community of learners – Design thinking and collaborative global online projects – 8 hours a week of advanced learning interactions applicable to any school context – International facilitators certified in Personalized Learning and Global Project Development.