PBPL 4-week course

Project Based Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning through Projects, a step-by-step guide to exploring student passions and creating global projects.

Project Based Learning (PBL) has gained substantial traction in schools worldwide as a way to connect students with real life problems and issues, as well as helping them become creative and critical thinkers. But there are significant challenges to implementing PBL, that have to do with a systematic approach to each stage in project development and creation, as well as to how to tap into students passions and interests so that projects become a conduit for expression and self-exploration.

Join us as Susannah Johnson from Individualized Realized, one of the world´s leading experts in personalized learning, guides us through a 4-week intensive course on how to develop student projects through Personalized Learning.

Contents include:

  • Personalized Learning, related tools and protocols to explore student interests and passions.
  • Exercises to develop critical thinking, multimedia decoding, higher order thinking skills and thinking routines.
  • Development and assessment of personal projects.
  • A step-by-step process to design and develop collaborative global projects in the classroom.
  • Development of individualized personal or professional development curriculum.

Online modules – Weekly Zoom meetings – Asynchronous discussions and interactions

An online experience that provides educators with tools and processes to implement Personalized Learning through Global Projects within their own school contexts.