The 5-week Program

This first semester, we will be launching a 5-week shorter version of our PLN Project. We will be covering the following topics and engaging in the activities below:

Week 1

Critical thinking applied to multimedia comprehension and production. Applied examples through fact checking and fake news. Community building. Identifying fashions, critical thinking structures, concepts and practices.

Week 2

Advanced IT applications and ethical implications of technology. How technology will impact the future. Connecting to values through personality tools and collaborative thinking. Project development basics, setting up of global project teams.

Week 3

Conceptions of learning, determining learning styles and preferences. Creating a group rubric to assess load projects. Developing creativity by connecting passions, values, critical thinking, skills and academics. Preliminary ideas for global projects.

Week 4

Application of rubric for selection of ideas for global projects, first design iteration. Developing executive function skills, time management, project management.

Week 5

Rubric for testing of prototype, survey creation, deployment of prototype and feedback from wider community. Final project designs and the project gallery. “What if” scenarios, implementing projects.